Hi, I'm Alan Gael Garcia

Android Developer and comming soon UX Designer. I'm so interested in mobile solutions, mobile makes better experience. 😀


Work experience

Finloop MX Mobile team leader
May 2021 -> Currently
I've been working developing new main application, that this was refactored from scratch to build an maintanable and scalabable financial application.

Migrating MVP to MVVM architecture
Building to modular project using gradle artifacts
Implementing additional security layer using Biometrics API
Mavi de Occidente S.A. de C.V. Android developer
December 2019 -> May 2021
I'd been working building native applications for e-commerce division. During my position there I implemented and taught the mobile team to introduce Kotlin as a first language code and the new API's and features that this language can provide.

Additionally I got involved in new e-commerce app since design until development process
and I was self-studying UX Design to improve the design process at the company
Computer Systems Freelance worker
During my college I was involved in some professional projects for some companies as a network techinician, TI Admin and etc.


Android Skills

- Android SDK
- API Connection
- CameraX
- Coroutines (Kotlin)
- Dagger2
- Fragments
- Geolocalization
- JUnit
- MVVM & Clean Architecture
- SQLite (Native, Room)
- Gradle (artifacts)

Additional Skills

- Cloud Computing (Azure and Google Cloud Platform)
- Docker
- Git
- NodeJS
- MySQL, PostgreSQL & SQL Server


Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Lagos de Moreno
- Computer Systems Engineer
AUGUST 2014 -> AUGUST 2019

Some Projects That I Have Been Participied


I have developed an android app to manage sale tickets at fuel stations using connection to our API, i also developed this API using NodeJS and deployed into Docker container. We are using Google Cloud Platform backend.

Tell Me Where

I have been participied to rebuild android app, i restructured code engine on java and improve with Kotlin. Also i integrated Google Maps API to compute users routes using your location.

Courses, bootcamps & specializations

I'm continually learning and taking courses about my approach to software development, I really like to get new habilities and development updates.

alan certificate

UX Design: Prototyping UX Nights Summit GDL

This summit was about UX talks and meetings, to get involved in user experience philosophy. It was a very interesting bootcamp and I also took a prototyping workshop. We discuss about different UX techniquies.

alan certificate

Developing Applications with Google Cloud Platform Coursera

In this specialization, application developers learn how to design, develop, and deploy applications that seamlessly integrate components from the Google Cloud ecosystem.

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alan certificate

Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals Coursera

Identify the purpose and value of the key Big Data and Machine Learning products in Google Cloud.

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